Sapphire Earrings by Stephen Russell

Sapphire Earrings by Stephen Russell

Party season will soon be upon us & some inspiration is required: fabulous sapphires set in blackened gold, by Stephen Russell. Pure glamour. With a darker side!


Sur la Côte d’Azur

absolutely fabulous Sur la Côte d’Azur ring by Ornella Ianuzzi, there’s a lot of glamour in these rough surfaces


Seaman Schepps Bracelet

I am mesmerised by cobalt blue, THE colour this season, so here we go :) amazing bracelet in sapphire and chalcedony by Seaman Schepps


Crescent moon ring

i’m really inspired by handmade jewellery this week, so here we go: perfect for today :) White Sapphire Cresent Moon Ring by onegarnetgirl @etsy


Earrings by Bogh-Art

lovely pair of sapphire and turquoise earrings, summery and fresh, by Bogh-Art via Pinterest